Unit 1: Up and Atom
This page contains documents and resources related the topics covered during this unit. You can access all class files, as well as materials for review and additional help. If you feel that a topic is missing, feel free to email the instructor at jleffel@aacps.org to request it.

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Unit Packet

Class Documents
CW 5: Causes of Color: Chlorophyll
CW 5: Causes of Color: Fall and Fruit
CW 5: The Science of Fireworks

CW 11: Isotopes and Atomic Mass Simulation
CW 14: Mendeleev's Table

CW 15: Properties of the Periodic Table

Video Review for Unit Test

Resources, Videos, and Tutorials

The Big Bang


The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Bohr's Model of the Atom and Emission Spectra

Fission and Fusion


Electron Configuration

Periodic Trends