Welcome to the Parent Corner!
This page contains useful tips, instructions on how to use this website, links, and other information parents may need.

How do I use SRHSchem?
  • Files are in portable document format (PDF) for ease of opening and sharing documents. You can download a PDF reader for free from the Abode website.
  • Each unit has its own page. That page contains resources for your student to use such as tutorials and videos.
  • Students are to access the website in the event that they are absent, missed a concept in class, or want to go over certain concepts again. Documents may be printed at home by clicking on them. Students may also save files to their home computers.
  • Reviews for tests are posted on each unit page. For quarterly exams, video reviews are usually posted via a link to YouTube.

Where do I find video reviews?
  • Video reviews may be found on Ms. Leffel's YouTube channel, LEFFELlabs.
  • Students may also copy videos from Ms. Leffel using a flash drive, so long as the storage space is large enough.

How do I know what my student is missing?
  • Check ParentCONNECT or your student’s grade sheet. The assignments all have a number in front which corresponds to the unit.
  • Navigate to that unit page. Now compare the name of the assignment to the documents posted on the page.
  • Missing assignments may be printed off and completed for absent students.
  • If your student was absent, also check their note packet. Missing notes can be copied down from the unit page as well - under the Notes section.

Tips for Successful Students
  • Use agenda books. Write down assignments, after-school meetings for sports or clubs, and important things to do.
  • Look at the sequence of lessons. How do the topics and ideas covered in class compare to the homework assignment? What is important to know? Seeing the bigger picture takes practice.
  • Keep organized. There is a lot of content to learn in biology, and keeping it neat will help you to remember and understand it. The natural world is organized into a hierarchy, so this system is best for learning about it.