Service Learning

Harvest for the Hungry Service Learning Project

  1. All students will complete the dimensional analysis questions for a grade, based on correctness.
    • Due date: 11/13 (A day) or 11/14 (B day).
    • Regardless of grade or service learning hour status, the calculations will count as an assessment grade.
    • Any student found copying this assignment will receive a grade of zero; shall not be able to redo this assignment; and will be reported for academic dishonesty.
  2. Sophomores must do the following in order to earn credit for service learning.
    • Fundraise for as much money as possible or collect as many canned goods as possible (at least enough to feed a meal to a family of six)
    • You must calculate (using dimensional analysis and showing all work) how many meals you are providing.
    • Put your calculations on the provided sheet of paper and put it in your bag of food with your name and period if you want credit.
    • Due date: 11/13 (A day) or 11/14 (B day). If you fail to complete the requirements your name will be submitted to the office as failing service learning. This is a requirement for graduation. Items will not be accepted after 11/16.
  3. If you cannot collect money or canned goods, you will need to complete 10 hours of volunteer work, complete the forms (including having a supervisor sign them), and hand them in to your teacher by the end of the semester (1/26) (see below).

Completing Your Own Project

  1. Alternatively, students may seek out and complete their own service learning project by completing the Service Learning Packet. All components must be completed per the directions and submitted to your teacher by 1/26.
  2. More information can be found on the SRHS service learning page.